Stop the Grinch! Worcester Wage Theft, Again.

This just isn’t right. Wage theft in downtown Worcester AGAIN! Worcester is in a renaissance and many carpenters who are building it continue to be victims of illegal business practices on high profile projects.

Sadly wage theft is rampant within the construction industry. We can’t stop it all, but maybe we can stop it here in Worcester at 332 Main Street.

Similar to what happened a year ago at 145 Front Street, two non-unionized workers on this project have stepped forward and contacted the carpenters union saying they have been the victims of wage theft. This could have been prevented, but not by bringing Dellbrook and Nayelie Drywall to Worcester. The two victims worked for Nayelie Drywall which is registered as a Holyoke based business. The two carpenters have signed affidavits certifying they were wage theft victims while working for a Dellbrook Construction subcontractor, Nayelie Drywall, on this project.

Wage theft is not an accident.

Cesar Rijo, was hired by Nayelie Drywall and was soon a victim of wage theft. Cesar did not get paid overtime, was not asked to fill out any tax forms and was paid in cash.

“Worcester needs to stay vigilant in efforts to prevent wage theft. We’re willing to take on the Grinches, Dellbrooks and Nayelie Drywall, but we’re hoping the Worcester City Council can pass a wage theft ordinance to help end the exploitation of workers in our City.”

Dave Minasian Business Agent – Carpenters Local 336

“It’s frustrating. I wanted to stand up and expose what happened. All this cheating has to end. The Grinch stole Christmas and Dellbrook hired a contractor that stole my wages.”

Cesar Rijo, Non-Union carpenter that worked at 331 Main St.

As part of the Worcester Community-Labor Coalition, the Carpenters Union has been working with City Councilors to pass a more complete wage theft ordinance, similar to what the City of Springfield recently passed, that can help to address the repeated incidents of wage theft occurring in our City.

This isn’t the only problem on this project. The Bricklayers union held a standout throughout the summer to bring attention to their concerns about this project.: Statement from Worcester Bricklayers Union

“Delbrook/JKS hired Raymond James Restoration to perform the masonry restoration work on the building, a company that pays as little as $13/hr. $13/hr is a slap in the face to anyone working in the industry and undercuts responsible contractors!”
Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen Local 3 MA/ME/NH/RI

Photos from Carpenters Local 336’s December 11th Tell Dellbrook and the Grinch, “No Wage Theft” rally

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